Arlows Aluminium Rohrbogen 90° mittlerer Radius ( AlMgSi0,5 Alubogen )

Art.Nr.: AR8360

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12,49 €
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90 ° aluminium tube bow
Our "Arlowminium" pipe bends were formed from a single piece and are characterised both by excellent material properties, as well as high-quality workmanship.
Our elbows can be welded optimally and they are suitable for any pressure, because they have a consistently wall thickness. A 90° bow can be easily cut to 3 piece 30 ° or 2 piece 45°.
Our AlMgSi0, 5 material also characterised by a very high heat resistance.
From experience, we can say that our "Arlowminium" can easily be used for exhaust systems which are used in races.
Aluminium material from our company can always be identified by the Arlows logo!
For charging air pipes, we recommend our tails with bead for welding. Thus no hose slips back down from the pipe!
Matching aluminium pipes, reducers and silicone hoses can be found in our shop.
Technical details:

Outside diameter: 22 mm

Wall thickness: 2 mm

Material: AlMgSi0, 5

Angle: 90 °

Bending radius: 27, 5 mm

Applications: Intake, charge air ducting, exhaust system (conditional)

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